The Pipeline Shock Prevention People
Pump Start-up surge, Valve closure shock, Pump shutdown back flow bang.
Large vessels for high pressures with matching bladders, diaphragms, gas bags, and bellows, for over a third of a century.

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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

LDi Analysis, Diagnostics, and Software DIAGNOSTICS
Liquid Dynamics International Ltd
Measuring, Recording, and Identifying the pressure signals

string of various pulsations created which LDi analyzes and prevents

PulseDoctor and ShockDoctor DIAGNOSTICS
You have the hardware already? LDi has the tools Certified calibrated signal conditioned transducers. Real time massive paper rate, oscillograph printers. GPIB data stream capture laptops, with FFT analysis. Yes even stethoscopes! Let us identify the heart of the problem, on site.
PulseDoctor and ShockDoctor diagnostics - study your system
You have the dimensions, we will generate pipe response characteristics.
Identify and predict the results of valve action.
Find the pipe shake from pump start-up surge. Enable you to design "Water Hammer" out of your system.
ShockView analysis - check system and prevent problems
Before you invest in system hardware, LDi will run it for you. A "no witchcraft" easy to read set of oscillographic printouts, show you any system dangers, from frequency and amplitude. Allows you to choose the right pump speed and pipe lengths, before your budget is spent.
PulseView software models - LDi run thorugh of your system,

ShockView enables us to quickly and accurately run your proposed piping system, in our computers, and tell you what the maximum level of pump start up surge, or shutdown shock will be.
From this first model, which is free to you, we can then determine which of our alleviators is most suited to the needs of your system.
If you wish further models of your system, please contact Dave Charles of Liquid Dynamics International in Europe with at least the following information:

Pipe Parameters:
"L" Length, "Di" Internal Diameter, "t" Wall thickness, "bM" Material, (modulus if known)
Liquid specifics:
Flow rate "Q" Kg/Sec. if known, SG, cP viscosity at temp.
Pump manufacturer inertia data:
"S" Seconds Spin-up time (the most important figure.)
Contact Dave Charles Contact Dave Charles, your LDi representative

Reading an "LDi" SHOCKVIEW plot:
Delta P - pressure change found by ShockView The start point on the pressure axis is the figure for pressure after pressure drop for the length of your system. Deducting this from mean pressure, gives the Delta P drop for your pipe.
Delta T - time defference found by ShockView The time difference between one peak and the next gives the wave speed frequency / "acoustic" for your system, be sure to check against the pipe shake frequencies.
x - slope calculated and analyzed by ShockViews graphs The slope, or reduction from one peak to the next tells you whether your system is naturally "dissipative". If the slope is steep, your system will not become a pressure amplifier.
ShockView pipe surge and shock analysis frequency calculated chart

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ShockGuard Shock / Surge Alleviators and Accumulators
Water Hammer and Pipeline Shock / Surge Prevention Equipment
STOP Pump start up surge, Valve closure shock, and Shut down back flow water hammer.
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Understanding How it Works
Shock alleviators and shock accumulators do not alleviate shock, nor do surge alleviators and surge accumulators alleviate surge. SurgeGuard, JumboFlex, and Floatolator all work in the same way. They provide a soft place, so that the pump does not have to instantly accelerate all the liquid in the pipe system when it starts. Similarly, they provide a place into which flow can continue, for a time, against increasing resistance, when a a valve has been slammed. In both cases, because time has been increased, peak pressure generation is decreased. In short, they all prevent the peak pressure from being generated. /

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